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Hi beautiful!

I'm Natalia and I'm glad you are here.
I'm a Holistic Life Coach. I work with women who want to regain their inner power, love themselves more, and feel great in their mind, body and soul. My mission is to help women transform their lives, from feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and unbalanced to living a fulfilled life in accordance with their truths, passions, potential and purpose.

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If you are not sure if coaching is right for you or you simply wonder if we are going to be a good match, this no obligation, no cost Clarity Call is for you.
Clarity Call
30 min

It's time for you to:

Embrace who you really are.

Get more aligned with your true nature.

Feel the healthiest and happiest you have ever felt.

Create your own version of success.

Live life according to your own standards and values.


"Working with Natalia was absolutely amazing! Because of her holistic view of health and wellness, I was able to set and achieve goals centered around my self-care as a pregnant mom of 2 boys that has now continued into my life as a mom of 3 boys. She gave me encouragement and motivation to keep going on days where I just felt like I was over it all.

I would highly recommend others to use her coaching services if they need help with taking care of themselves but also with feeling empowered."


Antonisha Polite

"Natalia doesn't judge or throw "coaching slogans". She is so gentle and open that I felt no resistance to talk with her. Natalia guided me by asking questions to help me find a goal, name it and define the steps to reach it.

I felt inspired and more self confident. I waited for all the meetings with happiness and excitement. Natalia showed me how to process my goals and motivated to change a part of my life I neglected. She showed me that we may want to achieve many goals at once but it is good to find out if we have enough energy to do it or it's better to focus on one goal."

Magdalena Bilgoń

"After couple hours spent with Natalia, you feel as if you have known her all your life. 
She is authentic, open-minded and communicates better than anybody else I know. 
I’m convinced that any interaction with her can very easily turn into a friendship for lifetime."

Dagna Griffin

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